Stop Making This Mistake

Stop making this mistake




Even if your dad gives you a gift of a landed property, quickly call your lawyer and document it.


No matter how close the person is. No matter how good the family is, we urge you to do the right thing. No one knows tomorrow, and even if we all do, a document is meant to speak for itself. People have lost lands that was gifted to them because they failed to prove ownership, especially when the adverse claimant is able to prove better title.


Your closeness with who ever gave you the land does not prove that you are the owner.


Outside documentation, customary law provides an alternative to this, but your best and sure bet is documenting the transaction. You are safer thay way.


If the giver of the gift is dead, there is also an alternative to remedy the situation. Consult your lawyer and do the needful now!


At Fortreal, we are concerned about your journey to financial independence through real estate investments and to further ensure that you do so with minimal risk through efficient documentations and other security measures.


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