My Father Sold All My Lands in Nigeria

We were created with the intention of solving problems like this or prevent them from happening.

So, this guy after working so hard abroad decided to purchase properties in Nigeria. Maybe he was working 12 hours a day or even more. It’s possible he was working as a car wash, gardener or washing/looking after corpse etc.

As a wise person, he decided to invest the money in real estate. Great decision/plan but executed wrongly.

So, he purchased 6 plots of land in Lagos through his father. For some, it’s trust. For some others, they don’t know who to trust. So, the available or best option is always to invest through family members or even friends.

Ordinarily, this shouldn’t have been a problem but to cut the long story short, after some years, the father sold all 6 plots without the son knowing.

‘Mr. Americana’ came back home and met the sad and heartbreaking news. Apparently, if he had his way, he could have killed his father… But it’s a family matter. They certainly will have to settle it in a family meeting.

Main lesson.

No one is to be blamed for trusting another person but…As much as you trust anyone (family members inclusive) ensure you set up a system through competent legalism to keep your properties safe. We are currently handling a property transaction for two siblings. One is in Nigeria (a lady) and the other is abroad (the younger brother). As at the time of the transaction, everybody is smiling and laughing but when things go south, “boko-haramish” things will begin to happen.

We had to speak to the brother, informing him of the extra steps we will take to prevent certain incidents and he was glad. We will give more details after the transaction is done but here’s the lesson.

Trust is important but setting up efficient legal system to keep the person you’re trusting in check is importanta.

We at Fortreal Rei Ltd can serve you efficiently, ensuring that your hard-earned money yields the right returns. You don’t have to be in Nigeria. We are designed to prioritize your interest.


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