Don’t Buy That Property Until You Do This

Don’t Buy That Property Until You Do This.



In real estate, it is very important- in fact, absolutely imperative to investigate properly before exchanging money. Unlike marriage where you can be satisfied with say, 70% discovery, in real estate, you should be 99% satisfied with the investigation.


One critical thing to focus on in the course of buying any property is the history. Who and who have bought/owned this land in the past. This must be followed by documentary evidence up to the first person who maybe, depending on the time of buying may not have a document as he may have deforested same under native law and custom, thereby becoming the beneficial owner through deforestation and long possession.


Remember the story of the mechanic that came to buy land and said he was number 4 on the list of predecessors, and was told it was not possible based on the documents available? Apparently, after investigation, he became number 8. That could have been a problem, especially as there was no trace to the first buyer or owner. In other words, for every real estate transaction, you need a “Detective Fash”


So, here’s the message. Know the history of the land/property before you buy. If the history is vague, unclear or unfounded, dig deeper or disappear from the transaction.


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