Fortreal Rei Ltd is founded on the premise of problem-solving and prevention in real estate. Our core mandate is to help our clients invest rightly and be sure their investments are properly secured, and importantly, leading and partnering with them to attain a level of financial independence that can only come through real estate.


Become a one-stop shop for real estate, serving clients and making them financially independent through real estate investments.


Message from the CEO

As a legal practitioner who has majored in property transactions (documentation, litigation etc.), I saw;

  • Mistakes made by land owners and intending land owners that were born out of ignorance.
  • Poorly drafted Deeds and Title documents that will not hold water in the face of legal turbulence, some leading to the actual property owners losing their titles to adverse claimants/trespassers.
  • Legal crises that could have been avoided and court cases that couldn’t have existed if the right things were done.
  • Clients in diaspora crying over and looking for legal ways to remedy the mismanagement of their funds by their relations/friends which were intended for buying lands/properties or/and building for them.

On the other end of the equation, I saw;

  • The beautiful feeling of owning a piece of real estate for first-time buyers.
  • The rich acquiring more and more properties, thereby making themselves richer and financially independent.

On seeing all these and more, I told myself that with my knowledge and experience, I could build a team of real estate professionals and practitioners that will make a difference and this is what led to the founding of Fortreal Rei Ltd. 


We are bent on making you RealEstate-Smart and keeping you informed with real estate investment opportunities.