We are founded on the premise of problem-solving, problem prevention and partnering/guiding you on your path to financial independence through real estate investments

What we Do


We help you start your real estate investment journey with the goal of helping you attain financial independence through seamless investment strategies, plans and packages.


We teach you the 'why', 'how', 'where' and 'when' of real estate investment, while also ensuring that you’re properly informed and advised, leveraging on legal and real estate best practices.


Through the services of our expert legal team, we secure your real estate investments in the most efficient and diligent manner. We engage requisite post-delivery legal procedures to further secure your investments.


We manage your real estate investments and supervise building projects with the intent of taking away all forms of stress and importantly, giving you the best of interior/exterior beautification through Fortreal-Interiors


We help you broker your real estate deals (including buying and selling of properties for maximum profitability), and through credible and professionally-based representation, resolve property disputes via ADR mechanism

Investment Packages

Fortreal SEI Account

This account presents you with a rare opportunity to save for your real estate investment and earn in the process. This is inspired by our drive and commitment towards helping as many people as possible to acquire their first properties early in life and doing so in a seamless manner. With this account, you can save across a period of 6 months to one year & beyond.

RichFORT Account

This account prepares you and ensures that you don’t miss distress real estate sales and opportunities. Here the account lasts for only six months awaiting distress opportunities.

Fortreal Banking

With as low as N200,000.00, you can start earning returns from land appreciation under the Fortreal Land Banking (FLB) system


We are bent on making you RealEstate-Smart and keeping you informed with real estate investment opportunities.